EconoVue 60/40 Window Film – Clear Focus Imaging is for Solvent Printers; it is compatible with both OEM Solvent and Mild Solvent Inks. It has 1.7mm holes and a 60/40 performance pattern (40% open). It can be used for – POP, retail and commerical window graphics for short-term use.

Properties of EconoVue 60/40 Window Film – Clear Focus Imaging

  • Wound: Print Side Out
  • Adhesive: Clear pressure-sensitive
  • Film: 6 mil White/Black composite PVC
  • Liner: 8 mil film
  • Finish: Gloss White
  • Gloss Level: >30 (avg.) @ 60°
Performance Values
The following information on physical and chemical characteristics is based upon tests believed to be reliable. The values are intended only as a source of information. They are given without guarantee and do not constitute a warranty. The purchaser should independently determine, prior to use, the suitability of this material for his/her specific purpose. (Data represents averages and is not intended for use as a specification.)
  • Durability: Printed Outdoor – 3mo – 3mo for clean removal
  • Min. Application Temperature: + 40°F (Min for Substrate)
  • Service Temperature Range: 0°F to + 140°F
  • Perforation Size: .066″ (1.5mm) hole diameter
  • Dimensional Stability: Fair
  • Water Resistance: Not recommended where immersed
  • Shelf Life: 12mo from ship date when store in proper conditions 70°F and 50% relative humidity

Warranty: 90 Days