Heat Activated Adhesive Board

A 3/16” or 1/4″ foam board is coated on one side with a heat activated adhesive which when heated creates a smooth, permanent bond. Perfect for mounting without lamination, leaving your print as the top layer.

Easy to use mount board. Simply center your print or document on the adhesive board, cover the entire board with the supplied release paper, secure the top edge with several small pieces of tape and feed through your mounting laminator. This board is easy to cut with a utility knife for custom sizing and trimming. This adhesive board can be used with your pouch laminating machine: Ledco XL44 (LK0041) or several roll laminating machines including the Banner 27″ Mighty Lam or the Sircle EM 40 Wide Format 40″roll laminator. The ProMount adhesive boards can also be used for dry mounting in your mechanical or vacuum presses. Please check your machine manual for maximum width size before ordering.

We also offer regular Pouch Boards, Heavy Duty Pouch Boards, Self Adhesive (Peel & Stick), Gator, Biodegradable, and Standard Foam Boards!! 

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