Tamerica 2000V SecureBind


  • Compatible with: VeloBind 1″ and 2″ Strips
  • Punching Capacity: 20 sheets per lift (20 lbs paper)
  • Binding Capacity: 2″ (50 mm)


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The Tamerica SecureBind V2000 Pro Hot Knife Binding Machine is an easy-to-use, efficient and reliable velobind style machine that features a ‘hot knife’ system to slice and rivet your document together. The SecureBind V2000 features a large 20 sheet manual punch capacity. Bind up to 250 sheets using a 1 inch hot knife strip or 500 sheets on a 2 inch hot knife strip. The 14 inch throat allows for binding of both letter and legal size documents. Producing a tamper resistant document this binding method is used in professional office environments. The SecureBind V2000 Pro automatically slices off the excess hot knife pin while simultaneously heat sealing the hot knife strip providing a more secure bound document. The sliding punch guide ensures paper is properly aligned and a pressure bar hold sheets firmly together producing a tight bind. The V2000 is equipped with an indicator light which goes out when the binding cycle is complete plus a waste tray for binding fragments. The Tamerica SecureBind V2000 Pro Hot Knife Binding Machine is compatible with GBC Hot Knife VeloBind strips and SecureBind Strips!

Please call our technical team for any information on this binding machine. 1-866-227-4316

Warranty: 1 Year

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Weight 35 lbs