Akiles Duo Mac 321, 3:1 Wire & 2:1 Wire Binding Machine

  • 3:1 Wire Elements
  • Punch Capacity 20 sheets of 20# paper
  • Fully Disengage-able – Die set allows punching of various size paper
  • Heavy Duty – For Print Shops and Large Offices



The Akiles DuoMac 321 can bind documents with both 3:1 pitch twin loop wire and 2:1 pitch twin loop wire. The DuoMac 321 is the only combination machine of its kind. The unique design of the 321 includes a the ability to punch both a 3:1 or 2:1 pitch hole pattern for twin loop wire binding from 3/16″ up to 1 1/4″. This gives you the ability to choose the look and feel of your wire bound books and presentations. With a single punch capacity of up to 20 sheets of 20lb bond paper. This is a very heavy duty and strong binding machine weighing 64 pounds.

Warranty: 1 Year

Product Summary
  • Two independent punching die sets
  • Depth margin controls
  • Wire closer control
  • Diameter scale
  • Wire holder
  • Waste drawer
  • Side margin control
  • Disengagement Pins
  • Weight 64 pounds

Additional information

Weight 64 lbs