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Royal Sovereign 65″ Electric Trimmer

  • Wide, 65″ Entry
  • Fast cutting 6.6 ft/sec
  • Hands free operation – Foot Pedal
  • Wastecatcher collects scrap trimmings


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The Royal Sovereign RET-1652 electric trimmer is an economically priced, specifically designed for users to easily and professionally finish wide format graphics. They provide smooth, clean cuts on a wide variety of substrates. Fully featured with fast trimming speeds, a full length activation bar, foot pedal activation, lighted power switch, wastecatcher, built-In safety covers, durable steel floor stand and illuminated guide line all designed for quick and accurate trimming of signs, posters, and various laminated materials.
Set up and training available. Please call our tech. team for information. 1-866-227-4316

Warranty: 1 Year


65″ Electric Trimmer

The RET-1652 is a high quality wide format 65” electric trimmer that is the perfect fit in Sign and Print Shops looking to improve their finishing solutions. Time saving features and functions make trimming faster and easier than ever. Save time and effort with this reliable electric trimming system that provides smooth, clean cuts on a wide variety of flexible substrates, such as signs, posters, and laminated materials.


Fast Efficient Trimming

•Wide 65” entry allows for trimming of wide format materials.
Fast cutting 6.6ft/sec blade speed helps reduce trimming time compared to using manual trimmers.
•Bidirectional self-sharpening rotary blade easily cuts material in both directions.

Easy to Use

•Use the activation bar running the length of the unit to activate the cutting blade.
•Use the included foot pedal for hands-free operation.
•Stand includes castor wheels to allow for easy movement around the workshop.


Useful Features

Wastecatcher collects scrap trimmings to reduce mess and speed up clean up times.
•LED backlighting along cutting edge creates accurate alignment.
•Built-in safety covers prevents user from touching rotary blade.


Reliable Design

•Durable steel floor stand, and self-sharpening steel blades provide reliable trimming with minimal maintenance.

Additional information

Weight 100 lbs


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