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Coil Ultimate M Manual Plastic Coil Binding Machine

  • Super Heavy Duty Coil Binding Machine
  • New Oval Punch Provides for More Efficient Binding
  • SERVOGROOVE Roller Binding System
  • Punches up to 1/8″ HardBook Covers



The DFG Coil Ultimate-M is a super heavy duty manual punch and electric coil inserter binding machine ideal for high volume production needs. It is idea for binding coil bound books, proposals, reports, and other documents in a quick, easy and efficient manner. One of the best in its binding class, the Coil Ultimate-M can punch up to 25 sheets of 20lb paper or through 3mm thick hardboard. It is built with heavy-duty die-casted metal making it a reliable, user-friendly and functional coil binding machine. For the highest quality binding possible, the DFG Coil Ultimate M uses virtually zero tolerance Double “D” oval holes (4 x 5mm), DFG’s patent pending SERVOGROOVE™ roller binding system, fully dis-engageable pins, and a true 0.25″ pitch design. When your organization requires the highest quality, highest capacity, and perfect binding on all of your coil binding projects.

Warranty: 1 Year

Specifications for the DFG Coil Ultimate-M Plastic Coil Binding Machine

  • Heavy Duty Punch – 25 sheets of 20# Paper per punch for 4 x 5 mm Double “D” oval hole
  • DFG Punching Tool – Hardened and heat-treated, virtually zero tolerance
  • SERVOGROOVE™ Roller Binding System – includes grooved roller and J-type book pre-former to significantly improve efficiency
  • ALL 46 Disengageable Dies – Assures a perfect clean punch with any size paper
  • Book Pre-Former Guide – Supports book for easier spine insertion
  • Lightweight Design – Greatly reduced machine weight weight due to CAE utilization
  • Side Margin Control – Perfectly centered document punches
  • Punch Margin Control – Optimal hole punching location for the strongest bound documents.
  • Open Punch Throat – Punching of letter, legal or any other size paper
  • Punch and Binding Rocker Switch:– Switch from punching to coil inserting with ease
  • Metal Construction– Heavy Duty Durable Metal Construction
  • Large Waste Drawer& Non Skid Feet
  • Heavy Duty Coil Crimpers with lifetime warranty included for FREE
  • 1 Year Warranty

Additional information

Weight 70 lbs


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