Comb Binding Machines

Comb binding is one of the most popular binding methods used by businesses today in the creation of professional-looking documents.  Documents bound using this method are very user friendly; they lie flat when open, which makes them easier to read and copy when necessary. Plastic comb binding also makes revising your documents simple and seamless as the comb element can be removed and re-used with ease.


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 Tamerica EZ-COMBO 21
  Manual Comb Punch & Bind
  21 Fully Disengageable Pins
  Adjustable Punch Depth
  Adjustable Edge Guide




 PB210 Plastic Comb Binding Machine
  21 Disengageable Pins
  2" Bind Capacity
  Punch Capacity - 15 sheets of 20# paper
  Two Year Warranty




 Tamerica-210EPB Electric Plastic Comb
  Medium duty machine with fully disengageable dies
  Heavy duty metal construction
  20 sheet punching capacity
  1 year manufacturer warranty




 Tamerica Office Pro-21E Electric Plastic Comb Binding Machine
  Fully Disengageable Die Set
  Punching Capacity: 20 sheets (20#)
  Binding Capacity: 2"
  Electric Punch - Manual Bind




 Tamerica 240 EPB Electric Punch and Bind Machine
  Fully Disengageable Dies
  All Metal Construction
  Foot Pedal
  Free Shipping




 Tamerica 213PB Multi Combo - Plastic Comb, Wire Comb & 3hole Punch
  Plastic Comb, Wire Comb & 3hole Punch
  Punch 12 Sheets & Bind 425 Sheets
  Unit also has a 3 Hole Punch
  2 Year Manufacturers Warranty




 DFG E-Titan Heavy Duty Electric Comb Binding Machine
  Electric Punch
  Built-In Punch Lubrication System
  Fully Disengageable Die Set
  Anti-Jam Function




 Akiles Comb Mac - 24 E
  Heavy Duty - 25 Sheet Capacity
  Foot Pedal
  Commercial Volume Workload
  70 Pounds




 Rhin-O-Tuff Heavy Duty HD6500 Interchangeable Die Punch System
  Punch Capacity - up to 40 sheets depending on punch type
  14" Open Throat - allows for punching oversize documents
  Interchangeable Die System





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